The first Click-To-Buy insurance distributor.

Nimbus helps financial institutions create new insurance revenue using an entirely digital process. Within a day, your customers will be purchasing their first cloud policies. Nimbus works on a revenue share model, meaning our software and expertise supports our clients starting with the planning and implementation of the program and we stay with you to help manage every policy you issue. Without additional staffing, this approach allows the institution to increase revenue and improve customer retention.

The Nimbus Approach

Unlike Direct Response agencies which must spend significant budget on advertising or Broker General Agencies (BGA´s) who are recruiting and case processing organizations, Nimbus is a licensed “High Tech” low expense central broker connecting all parts of the digital cycle. We’ve worked to find the best, and often, only digital products in the insurance market and streamlined the onboarding process so your organization can be quickly optimized to sell these solutions.

A Product for Every Vertical

Through the Nimbus partner network, we have evaluated a multitude of insurance solutions. When we speak with your organization, we can show how our partner product compares to the market and how best to leverage it in your organization. This cross channel expertise is part of why organizations work with Nimbus, our customer’s know that not only do we work in the insurance space but have an understanding of how to leverage insurance products in a variety of verticals.

The Nimbus Team

Steve Gerber

CEO + Founder

With 25 years in Insurance Tech, Steve Gerber was previously President of Select Quote and CEO of Applicint.

Brad Messerli

President + Founder

Brad has 35 years experience in Insurance and Financial Services. Previously founder and President of a large multi-line Insurance Agency. Former Executive Director of Business Development for a Midwest Insurance Company.

Keegan Kenfield

Chief Operations Officer

For a decade, Keegan worked as Vice President in Retail Banking as a Retail Manager and Investment Sales Manager focused on annuity and insurance products.

Beaugart Gerber

Chief Marketing Officer

Beaugart was previously at Apttus as an Enterprise Account Executive selling to the Fortune 500.