Employee Benefit Company

Benefit companies that help administer and offer sound, safe, products for employers are in the perfect position to offer term life insurance.  Often times they are already working with HR administrations to offer group life policies.  The primary issue is the face amounts are often not enough for an individual. Instead, the employee is forced to look elsewhere for additional coverage. 

Our simple process will allow you to offer your clients and their employees a sufficient term product through multiple channels.  Whether you’re call-center based or you interact with employees face-to-face, your agents can submit their portion of the application in as little as 5 minutes, making it a perfect offer to slate into annual reviews or ongoing negotiations.

  • No Agent? No problem.
    Nimbus allows you to offer Life Insurance by outsourcing sales to our call center.

  • The sky is the limit.
    We deliver an increase in per policy revenue while also providing a scalable solution for your expanding business.

  • We’ve got your back.
    Nimbus can help you navigate FDIC regulations as well as provide training and marketing support.