Financial Professionals

Many professionals in the financial space are taking a holistic approach to their client’s financial planning, this includes reviewing their client’s life insurance coverage. It is often discovered that households are under-insured compared to their expenditures. Already dealing with many different products and licenses, the process of selling life insurance is too cumbersome for a financial professional. This is especially relevant when they may only have a handful of cases every month. The current practice is to refer these cases to a local life insurance agent and hope they receive the same caliber of service. Despite originating the lead, the financial professional will also not receive any revenue from the sale.

Our process allows a financial professional to quickly run a quote from multiple carriers and then spend 5 minutes completing a preliminary portion of the application. The process is simple and efficient, allowing you to focus on your client’s primary financial assets while not neglecting a potentially detrimental oversight in their financial future. Even if you aren’t licensed for Insurance, we can market to your customers on your behalf, handle referrals with guaranteed premier customer service, and keep you updated on the status of every case submitted.

  • Fast and Simple Process.
    With Nimbus you will be able to run a quote from multiple carriers and complete the preliminary application in as little as 5 minutes.

  • Keep your clients.
    Ensure your clients continue to receive quality service by managing their policies in house, while you get access to support from Nimbus.

  • We’ve got your back.
    Nimbus can help you navigate FDIC regulations as well as provide training and marketing support.